1. Imperium

    2018 - Digital Distribution - Album

    Imperium is a collection of stories from different stages in the life of a civilization. The theme was inspired by Sir John Glubb's essay The Fate of Empires, in which he explores the cyclical tendencies of our history. Imperium serves as a meditation on the transient nature of human endeavors and is a friendly reminder that nothing is new under the sun. The sound is influenced by that parallel universe where Metallica is a 70's prog rock band composing soundtracks for dystopian 80's sci-fi movies.
  2. Silva

    2013 - Digital Distribution- EP

    Silva is the celebration of Memfis 10 year anniversary. It's a story about the scandinavian wilderness: rabid elks, deadly fungi - and loving penguins. The sound is influenced by German kraut bands (Tangerine Dream / Can) as well as 70's prog (King Crimson / Camel / Bo Hansson). Memfis skipped the difficult third album, and is moving towards new musical grounds. The EP format allows for a compact and effective release with no filler tracks - quality over quantity.
  3. Vertigo

    2011 - Digital Distribution - Album

    Recorded and mixed in Bohus Sound Studios during two intense weeks in may 2008, a studio and time slot we shared with Burst for their recording of Lazarus Bird. Vertigo wasn't released until 2011 due to legal issues with our former record label.
  4. The Wind-Up

    2006 - Compact Disc - Album

    The Wind-Up
    Memfis has rapidly taken the step from being a demo band to acclaimed album debutants. The band formed in 2003, and "The Wind-Up" was released in the fall of 2006. The record entered the Swedish album chart as #20, and received great reviews in magazines such as Kerrang, Metal Hammer, Close-Up Magazine and Sweden Rock Magazine. Swedish public metal radio gave the band an award for "Newcomer of the year".
  5. MOCK: 07; The Wind-up

    2006 - Vinyl Record - Single

    MOCK: 07; The Wind-up
    Brick-heavy (70 gr.) 7" black vinyl single, engraved and strictly limited to 220 hand numbered copies