2011 - Digital Distribution - Album
Recorded and mixed in Bohus Sound Studios during two intense weeks in may 2008, a studio and time slot we shared with Burst for their recording of Lazarus Bird. Vertigo wasn't released until 2011 due to legal issues with our former record label.

Serpent Lyrics


Held to a trembling chest
It suckles the agony

Fed with frantic fear
The spirit's soon infected
Stung by the fangs of vanity

(Now the) seeds won´t grow
No matter what we dream of
We'll only reap what's been sown

So life is lost
Seduced by the great serpent
The snake of mankind shedding skin

Hissing its hideous hymn

Own it, control it, rip out the core and clone it
Crawling for profit, inside the social snakepit
The venom of Mammon, the medusa's hair is everywhere
She's always there Always hungry Always aware

Somber silver dollar leahes
Sucking out our souls

Seduced by the great serpent
The snake of mankind shedding skin


Vertigo Lyrics


At the edge of the great eternal
My eyes are blinded by the mist
It's not the risk of falling
But that I wont be able to resist

I must not look down
Into that endless burning boiling black
But I cannot stop myself

And at the edge of the great eternal - I gave in
My body burst into smoke and dust
Was not the risk of falling - that I feared
But that I wasn't able to resist.... to jump right in

I could not tell
If I flew or fell

Deep down, beyond all reason, beyond all sense, beyond myself
There I beheld the circle close


Enigma Lyrics


Into the void I fell, a vision of the hell -
We build with our own minds

My every cell could feel it, the only thing that's real is -
That death will have us all

Death devours every man
Our days are counted
We all fade away

Into the swirling vortex of Hades I saw myself divide
The grim reaper roared my name, and there and then I died

In sweat I wake up screaming, awake but somehow dreaming.
I'm back but not the same

It is the mystery that we don't know and cannot see -
That makes us freeze in horror

The enigma can't be solved
It devours every man
We all fade away..

The Great Escape

The Great Escape Lyrics


We seek our havens in the haze
For solace in the shades
A spark to spare us from the grey
cold depressive day

So close, so far beyond
Surrounded, yet alone

We stagger on
Waging a war that can't be won
Go on and on...

So close, so far beyond
Surrounded, yet alone

Drowning senses deforming
Sliding into insanity

Drifting like ghost-ships enslaved by the spell
All sails are set for hell
Four Horsemen await us there
Terror, Bewilderment, Frustration, Despair

So sure, so weary wrong
Surrounded, yet alone

We stagger on
Sinking in shit that can't be swum
We're falling on and on...

A Path With Heart

A Path With Heart Lyrics


To seek a path with power
A path with heart
To truly see
How we choose not to be

Fumbling desperately to reach
The essence of the soul
In the drowsy dreaming grey
I am the hunter and the prey

I seek a path with power
A path with heart
To truly be
above all identity

To break the surface of what is me
To light the fire within and fly away

In this treacherous game
All roads end up the same
Let the path that I chose
Be a path with heart

In this treacherous game
All roads end up the same

I've found a path with power
A path with heart
I finally see
A way out of all misery

In the drowsy dreaming grey
I am the hunter and the prey
Light and fluid
I am impeccable!
I am already dead and ......gone



The Burden

The Burden Lyrics


Then she just stopped breathing
That bullet turned me into stone
Paralyzed by this unbelievable truth
No reason, no warning, no good bye

Everything has been torn apart

Try to understand

You smashed me into pieces
With your dirty hands

I am here and still bleeding
For all those years it could have still been pounding
It is hard to comprehend
When you've got blood all over your hands

In that very last moment
You met my eyes and felt my torment
The panic, the burden
Implode in mindless murder

In Chase Of Death

In Chase Of Death Lyrics


Good mournings beg no pardon
Back to the factory
Our place in the machinery
No time to falter
The goal is clear
Get rich before you disappear

Mass-murdering mass-production
Faster, bigger, better, more!
Rats in a riot round and round

In chase of death!

In the mill of monotony (our) dreams are ground to dust

Chained to the burning engine
The green and golden god
Greasing its gears with our blood
To make a living
We give our lives
And but the irony survives

Slaves to our own consumption
Bleeding, sweating, crying whores!
Rats in a riot round and round

In chase oouuuvfh ....nuthin' but death

We give our lives
In chase of death!


Phlow Lyrics


To break the surface of what is me
To light the fire within and fly away

Rise – free your mind
Fly – Leave the ghosts behind

For the demons we breed can only feed on our fear

He who has a thousand friends has not a friend to spare
And he who has one enemy will meet him everywhere

When the sharpest scythe slices the sphere of sanity
And when the mortal mind melts from the insight
That there is no respite!

Then you'll know You are not what you cling to
Then you'll know You are not what you own
And you will know
That we all die alone

Let the hatred go
Let it flow
The seeds of peace are yours to sow

If you refuse to pull the trigger
You are not at war
The choice is only yours
Lift your head and face the sun
Why shun the light when night is sure to come

I, Sentinel

I, Sentinel Lyrics


Is the inner voice the true self
Who is really in command
(It) doesn´t matter if you listen
When you hear just what you understand

I'll stand
I need no helping hand
Leave me be
I bear my burden like a man

Don´t come closer! Stay away!
Thou shall not pass

I - Sentinel
Guarding the gate to my hell
The shame must never be... revealed
I hide it well
Nothing enters, nothing leaves
My empty shell
stays unbroken
Thou shall not pass

No one shall behold what I am
Go! Stay away from me
I am the sentinel
Mark my words
Thou shall not pass




Breakthrough Lyrics


Halfway across the bridge of a thousand sighs
Arid and dry, prepared to lose this life

But where to leave this surrendering spirit of mine

Where to leave this shattered soul

My mind exploded and it cleared
There is no escape, there will be no mercy here
And to seek for death is to seek for nothing
This is our ghastly doom
This is our human glorious.. fate

We are naught
but dead men in the game
Cheating and stealing to make a safe way to the grave

And I saw how we all
equal nothing..
We are nothing but
apeirophobic airy fucking fools

Oh.. I can see it, It's shining crystal clear
This life is our ghastly glorious fate
I'm still here, it is not too late


Recorded and Mixed at Studio Bohussound, Kungälv, April-May 2008
Produced by Memfis and Fredrik Reinedahl
Engineered by Fredrik Reinedahl
Mastered by Dragan Tanaskovic at Studio Bohussound

Music written by Mattias Engström, except 'Versus' by Mattias and Henrik
Lyrics written by Daniel Götstedt, except 'The Burden' by Mattias and Daniel

Guest appearance on the track 'Vertigo' by Linus Jägerskog
Artwork by Claes Josefsson

Mattias Engström - Guitars and Vocals
Daniel Götstedt - Guitars and Vocals
Henrik Hedelund - Bass
Carl-Johan Lindblad - Drums