2013 - Digital Distribution- EP
Silva is the celebration of Memfis 10 year anniversary. It's a story about the scandinavian wilderness: rabid elks, deadly fungi - and loving penguins. The sound is influenced by German kraut bands (Tangerine Dream / Can) as well as 70's prog (King Crimson / Camel / Bo Hansson). Memfis skipped the difficult third album, and is moving towards new musical grounds. The EP format allows for a compact and effective release with no filler tracks - quality over quantity.

Cordyceps Lyrics


Heed my will!
It's calling me to go
Up higher still!
I am carrying the embryo
Give in to me!
Now it steers my every move
Come set me free!
To where it wants to grow

Never have I been this thoroughly astray
There's a voice inside I must obey
I am going up somehow
though I don't know where and I don't know why
But I know that there is no other way

Heed my will!
It's calling me to go
Up higher still!
I am carrying the embryo
Give in to me!
Now it steers my every move
Come set me free!
To where it wants to grow

As I crumble and draw my last breath
from this painful strange world

I can see my death spawns a higher being
And it grants my life a meaning

King Bolete

King Bolete Lyrics


I've stood through thunder
Whirlwinds and blistering rain
I've seen the forest become golden fire

My battle is won
My spores have been shed
And my work here is done

Like flowers shrivel
And the conifers bend to the wind

I must take retreat
Surrender this form
Let this flesh decay

But I am not this body
My true being is deep underground

As the earth commands
Winter rapes the land
And I rest..

Deep below new kings grow

We are but protractions
In this world to reproduce
And the purpose of our actions
Is beyond our own

Oh can you see
We're not what we seem
We are captives here
And death sets us free

Oh can you see
How this life is a dream
We are not our bodies
We are one, deep underground

Flight of the White Moose

Flight of the White Moose Lyrics


The woods are quiet now
My heartbeat is the only sound
I've been running for hours on
I'm safe here and now but not for long

They think that I don't know
Blindly bolting through the snow
The fire shredding through the trees
Their thunderblasts are death aimed at me

Come the morning their dogs will be back
Soulless worms on legs
And in the second I halt they attack

I've seen the lust for blood
Burning in their piglet eyes
They crave my skin and they claim my crown
Tireless in their resolve to kill
I have become
A king on the run
A fugitive in my own domain

Deeper I go
Into the night
The last of my kind
I'm running for
My life and for my bloodline



The March

The March Lyrics


Summer's dying early and the sun sets low
So the journey has begun
Our legs are getting heavy and our throats are dry
Still we must press on
Marching ten thousand strong in a line moving along
Up and down and around or any other way
The road is rough but no one walks alone

We're the tribe that stayed behind
We hold our ground
These stalwart souls don't fold
Won't yield to the dark and cold

Come rain and raging blizzards
Hell will wring us on the way
We've got the power to resist
And keep the storm at bay

We're the tribe that stayed behind..

The lone penguin stands no chance against this deadly weather
He will simply fade away into the whiteness all around him

He falls asleep and disappears

So huddle up and hold me near
There's strength in our unity
This is how we survive

Yes only then can we endure
As one warming entity
Through love we stay alive

As the winter lingers
And the night is seemingly endless
Remember what you carry
Don't let it go

Keep awake now
Stay beside me
Don't disappear

We're born into a cruel world
Yet still we stand
Life will not be defeated
We're marching on


Drum recordings and Mixes were done at Studio KUST, Gothenburg, October 2012 - Mars 2013 by Henrik Magnusson.
Vocals, Bass and Guitars recorded at various locations by Memfis.
Additional vintage instruments and tape echoes recorded at Sonores Studios by Jonas Odhner.
Produced by Memfis and Henrik Magnusson
Engineered by Henrik Magnusson and Mattias Engström
Mastered by Linus Andersson at Element Studios, 2nd April 2013.

Music written by Mattias Engström
Lyrics written by Daniel Götstedt

Artwork by Claes Josefsson

Mattias Engström - Guitars, Vocals, Rhodes, Mellotron & Yamaha CS10
Daniel Götstedt - Guitars and Vocals
Henrik Hedelund - Thunderbird & Jazz Bass
Carl-Johan Lindblad - Drums

Special Thanks

Jonas Odhner, Claes Josefsson, Henrik Magnusson, Linus Andersson, Robert Reinholdz, Patrick Mark, Jonas Rydberg, Jonas Fogelberg, Jonnie Täll, Robert Nordh, and our selves for still making music after 10 years!